Friday, November 20, 2009

Better Gmail Addon Brings Extra Features For Your Gmail !

Now using Better Gmail Firefox addon you can add extra features to your Gmail such as Hierarchical labels, an unread messages icon on your browser tab, file attachments icons etc. This addon compiles the best Greasemonkey user scripts for Gmail into a single package, comprising

Add Row Highlights: You can get the highlighted letter rows when you move the cursor.

Attachment Icons: You can view what kind of attachment is in the mails.

Attachment Icons (Native): Although this is as same as Attachment Icons, yet it uses icon images native to your system.

Bottom Post in Reply (Plain Text only): Here you can insert cursor after the quoted message in plain text replies automatically.

Folders4Gmail: This lists labels in a folder just like hierarchy function.

Hide Chat: You can hide the Gmail Chat box on the side bar.

Hide Invites Box: You can hide the Gmail invite box on the sidebar.

Hide Labels in Message Row: You can hide the labels that usually appear in a message row, until you move the cursor over the message.

Hide Spam Count: Lets you hide Gmail's Spam message count.

Inbox Count First: You see unread message count first on Gmail tab title.

Show Message Details: This function displays the full details of the top messages in a conversation.

Show Unread Message Count on Favicon (Bogs): This shows the number of unread Gmail messages in the favicon in your Firefox tab.

Show Unread Message Count on Favicon (Wooley): It will alert you to the status of your Gmail inbox through distinct favicons.