Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Elecom Launches Like A SPOON M-SODL Wireless Mouse !

Elecom, One of the biggest companies from Japan launches a new model wireless mouse named Like a Spoon M-SODL. It is more compact and that uses optical tracking technology with 800DPI resolution and 2.4GHz wireless technology. This technology provides an operation range of 7 meters. Therefore, you can use the mouse to control your system within the distance of 7 meters.

The Like a Spoon M-SODL mouse needs an AAA battery. This mouse is compatible with Windows 7 and compatible with the USB interface. The communication system of the mouse is DS-SS Scheme (Direct Speed Spectrum Scheme). You can have this mouse in Black, Red and White. The suggested price of the mouse is 8400Yen.

Models For

Windows 7/Vista (SP1`SP2)/XP (SP2`SP3) and
Mac OSX (10.5`105.8,10.6)
to operate the Macintosh series.




800 Counts

Communication System

DS-SS Direct Speed Spectrum Scheme

Radio Frequency

2.4GHZ Band

Distance Radio

Non-Magnetic (Such As Wooden Desk) 
about 7 Meters and Magnetic Material
like steel desk about 3Meters

Alkaline Batteries When using Night 


Continuous Operation Time/60Hrs, 
continuous stand by time/sun about 125

Expected Uptime

Approximately 28 Days

Batteries Available

4AA Alkaline batteries 1 Next, 
AAA Oxyride form,
AAA Ni-MH secondary battery.

Dimension In

Width 88.3 x height 65.7 x depth 40.2mm


115G Without batteries


Receiver 1