Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Google Cuts Storage Costs !

Now you can buy additional storage in Gmail and Picasa web albums for $0.25 per GB per year. When Google says about this, the storage is shared between Gmail and Picasa Web albums, but it is obvious that the additional storage will be mostly used in Google Docs, whenever the service morphs into Google Drive. Although the storage costs are reduced, yet Google has been working hard to improve its infrastructure to reduce the costs even more. Moreover, this process is to make the extra storage more affordable, but you can buy 20GB for only $5 per year. It is as much as twice for a quarter of the old price and you can have enough space for more than 10,000 full resolution pictures taken with a five megapixel camera.

If you purchased storage before November 10, 2009:
•    Your total storage will be increased according to the table below at no extra cost. For example, if you had previously purchased 10 GB of Google storage, you now have 80 GB available.
•    Your plan renewal date will not change. It will renew based on your preferences one year from your previous purchase date. Unless you manually adjust your plan, you'll be renewed for the new storage amount at the new cost as shown below.
If you purchased your storage within 30 days of this change - between October 10, 2009 and November 10, 2009 - you can contact Google in your plan and/or a refund of the price difference.