Thursday, November 12, 2009

How To Block Violent And Sexual Explicit Websites From Google Search ?

Earlier it was possible to turn off filtering settings to get explicit search results from Google. It was one of the biggest troubles for parents. Now they can lock Safe Search feature on Google in order to prevent toggling between filter search and no filter search from Google search results. If you lock safe search on Google, all of the users from a single system will only get filtered results without any possibilities of turning off the safe search filter.

If you want to lock Safe Search follow the following steps carefully.
•    Go to Google site in your browser.
•    Then go to Settings and then go to Search Settings.
•    Now click on “Lock Safe Search” link on setting page.
•    Then Login using any of the accounts between Google and Gmail
•    Now click “Lock Safe Search” button on confirmation screen.

Once you finish the work, you can see colored balls on search results page.