Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How To Format Larger Hard Drive Partition As FAT 32 ?

Have ever tried to format volume drive more than 32GB as FAT 32 file system? If you are, you couldn’t do that. Because, if the drive is more than 32 GB, by default Windows doesn’t allow you to format the drive as FAT 32 file system. Now you can overcome this trouble using FAT 32 Format that is a portable utility and lets you break the limitation for FAT32 file system.
Therefore, you can use this utility to format external hard drives which are larger in size. As it is a portable utility, you don’t need to install.

Just download and launch the utility if you want to use. Moreover, it is simple to handle, select the drive, allocation size, and volume label, and then click start button to format larger size volume as FAT32 file system.