Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How To Hide And Move Windows Programs From Taskbar To System Tray ?

If you want to organize your taskbar and want to use it friendlier and easier, just go with Taskbar Helper. It efficiently works by hiding unused windows from your taskbar. The tool lets you show only those windows which more often you use. All other rarely used windows will be moved to system tray from the taskbar and you can get a quick access by a single click on a corresponding icon in system tray. In addition, you can have an opportunity to move programs on the taskbar.

The program offers the following features:
•    Show/hide target window - allows user to show/hide windows from taskbar;
•    Show in SysTray On Hide – if the option is switched on, then icon of hidden windows appears in system tray, and allows user to access target window by a single click on it;
•    Hide On Minimize – if the option is switched on for a target window, then it will be hidden, if one minimize it;
•    Move programs on the taskbar;
•    Automatic update;