Tuesday, November 10, 2009

LG Launches XD5 Mini External HDD !

LG has announced a new series of external HDDs for the South Korean market, the XD5 Mini. Designed specifically for use with netbooks, this 2.5-inch drive is available in 320GB and 500GB sizes and supports SATA-II interface for a faster and efficient data transfer. The XD5 Mini will be sold for $86 (320GB) and $120 (500GB), respectively.

Some important features of this LG XD5 Mini External HDD:

•    Portability and stylish at the same time pursuing the optimal combination of existing products and Netbook
•    'SATA II' how to apply for fast data transfer, do not worry lack of power by minimizing power consumption
•    RMC Division IK
•    XD5 Mini Netbook comes with a sense of sleek design and user shares
•    Audiences are expected to strongly appeal.