Friday, November 20, 2009

Net Surfing Is Easier And Happier With Litl Web Book !

Now you can search internet easier and happier than ever with the latest Litl Web-Book by Litl. It is an innovative and spontaneous device especially designed for easy and safe surfing. Using the simple and plain main navigation screen, you can know the procedure to handle the device. In this device, you can’t find the usual icons, folders and menus of a usual computer. But, you have an inbuilt browser right into the user interface to ensure convenient browsing. At the same time, you don’t need to minimize or overlapping the windows, you can work with the constant full screen view. Hitting the blue Litl button will get back to your homepage.

Moreover, this device is able to maintain itself by dealing with Updates, Plug-ins, Patches, Fixes and other stuff automatically. It features HDMI compatibility that lets you plug it into your TV to see everything bigger.
Physical advantages of this device, it is an ultra portable, lightweight and features an inbuilt handle for easy grabbing and carrying throughout the home.