Friday, November 6, 2009

Partnership Between Microsoft And Yahoo Goes Around The World !

The partnership between Microsoft and Yahoo would not be limited to the US, but they have planned to introduce this partnership around the world, once it gets regulatory approval, said by the Microsoft Corp Chief Executive Steve Ballmer.
Earlier this year Microsoft and Yahoo signed a 10 year global web search partnership In order to challenge Google Inc. Moreover, Ballmer told reporters at a new conference that it is possible to extend the partnership with Yahoo outside the US and they have to wait to get approval. At the same time, the deal should be approved by regulators in the US and Europe in order to go into effect.

As soon as they get the approval, the agreement will go into effect worldwide. The lacking of approval in other countries will not postpone the implementation in the approved countries. Moreover, Microsoft believes the deal will close in early 2010 and they will make a significant progress on integration in one or two major markets next year.