Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pawnrace Inspired Game Barricade !

Barricade is a fantastic and challenging game inspired form “Pawn Race” and it is a free, famous board game for the whole family, adults as well as children. This game gives eternal fun to those who have guts and strategic mind. As it is a turn based game, you can play it alone against computer or with any number of players depending on the game board.
Here you can strategically approach to block your enemies, attack your enemies, protect your pawns, move quickly and group your pawns for more power. All you have to do is, prevent others from arriving to the final square before you. This game is available free so enjoy the game.

Game components:
•    The black pawns also known as the "barricades".
•    The colored pawns, with :
1.    The same number of colored pawns for each player.
2.    One color per player.
•    The game board with :
1.    The "home bases" of the players, made of squares colored with the same color as the pawns of the player. This is where the players start.
2.    The move squares on which the players' pawns move and the barricades are. The squares on which the barricades are placed at the beginning of the game are red.
3.    The "final" square, which is red (the only visible red square at the beginning of a game).
•    A dice to make the moves.