Monday, November 9, 2009

Ride G Bound RC Car On Water !

G-Bound RC Car is a new car concept that drives on water as it has a waterproof chassis and inflatable tires. The suggested price of the car is ¥ 18,800.00. It is now available in stock and you have to provide over 15 working days for shipping if you are going to order this car. The maximum speed of the car is 24Km/h and it has the frequency range of 27MHz. You have to charge the battery for about four hours.

Product Description
•    Maximum Speed: 24km/h
•    Continuous running time: About seven minutes (12V battery pack)
•    Distance: Can Be Operated about 10m (about 33 feet) Outdoor
•    Charging time: For about four hours
•    Frequency: 27MHz
•    Battery for RC Car: 12V x 1 (with charger 100V only)
•    Controller Battery x1: 9V
•    For 8 years old and more