Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sega Indoor Fireworks Projector Brings Eternal Fun For You !

Sega Indoors Fireworks Projector is a new one that lets you have an eternal fun by displaying crackling, sparkling magic fireworks. The projector displays the fireworks across walls and ceilings. Even it gives the suitable explosive sound effects to feel the real fireworks. Sega claims the world’s first indoor firework projector.
It has six lenses, internal speakers and nine interchangeable image discs to replicate various awe-inspiring displays. You can have three bonus discs that contain messages like “I Love You” and “Happy Birthday”. At the same time, it is possible to program your own shows and vary their duration and intensity. It is more ideal for those who want to celebrate special occasions and moments when you fancy gawping at a spectacular display without getting off the sofa.

Please note:
•    Although this is a Japanese package, yet it has an English instruction manual.
•    Use total darkness room to have a better results.
Launch Modes:
•    1. Anytime Launch Mode – use to launch fireworks one at a time
•    2. Fireworks Show Mode – this mode allows you to launch fireworks from one of 6 launch patterns:
a.    Continuous – launches continuously based on the other patterns below
b.    Quick – recreates the beginning of fireworks show, where the fireworks are launched with little time between
c.    Single – launches the fireworks one at a time so they can enjoyed individually
d.    Step – launches the fireworks in a lively continuous pattern
e.    Starmine – launches the fireworks in a gorgeous continuous pattern
f.    Original – launch according to your own original pattern

Projection Time Modes:
•    Choose from 4 Projection Time Levels: 1 min / 2 min / 4 min / 10 min
•    Battery powered (4 x AA alkaline batteries, not included)
•    Approx. 3 hours continuous use based on 1 fresh set of batteries
•    WARNING! Do not use Oxy Nickel Hydroxide