Thursday, November 26, 2009

SONAR Speakers Produce Sound Using Vibration - Rocking Model Of TheMarket !

This is a new model speaker that produces sound using vibration. The name of the speaker is SONAR Speaker. It doesn’t work as an ordinary speaker with a huge hole for sound clarity. Instead, the SONAR Speakers use vibration to produce sound. It has a hole for input and a hole for the LEDs. You can use this speaker on any surfaces like Wood, Glass, Wall, Stone and Book. It is powered by USB and comes with LED indicators.
You can have this Black and Red; Black is the default colors to be shipped. The suggested price of the speaker is $35.99.

Some Important Product Specifications:
- Input Power: DC 5-6V
- Frequency Response: 100Hz - 18KHz
- Ambient Temperature & Humidity: -10°-40°C, <90%
Package Contents:
- SONAR Speaker x 1
- USB Cable (for Power and Audio Signal) x 1
- Instructional Manual x 1
- Replacement plastic cushioning blade x 1