Friday, November 13, 2009

Stylophone Beatbox Features Three Different Sounds !

The Stylophone Beatbos is a definite and a whole new kettle for you. It features three different sounds they are Drum Kit, Beatbox and Bass Stylophone. Moreover, you can have a scratch function that lets you mix your sounds, records and lets you play them over your beats. In addition, you can adjust pitch and tempo.
Just like usual original Stylophones, the Beatbox is guaranteed to infuriate everyone bar the nutcase playing it.

Some Important Features:
•    The Stylophone Beatbox is a brand new Stylophone
•    Includes exclusive sounds, Beatbox, percussion and Bass Stylophone
•    Featuring human beatbox sounds by Mc Zani!
•    Layer your beats with the new record loop function
•    Volume control, tempo adjust and headphone socket
•    Plug it into your MP3 player to play along to your favourite music
•    Built-in speaker
•    Includes a 2 way cable for your MP3 player!
•    A fantastic musical gift for ages 4 to 140!
•    1x Stylophone Beatbox
•    1x 2 way adapter for your MP3 player
Battery Requirements:
•    3x AA(1.5v) - not included