Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sumatra Portable PDF Reader - Latest Version Free Download !

Sumatra is a lightweight and portable PDF Reader. The newer version of Sumatra Version 1.0 was released yesterday. The latest version comes out with PDF reading compatibilities, Bug fixes, compatibility fixes and additional features. As the Sumatra PDF Reader is an open source program you can contribute your best to the program. Using this program, you can feel the fast and blazing performance even without a huge computer memory. You can have this program as an installer or portable version. The program sizes just 1.1MB, so that you can use it for you mobile.

Some Important Features:
•    improved PDF compatibility (more types of documents can be rendered)
•    added settings dialog (contributed by Simon B├╝nzli)
•    improvements in handling unicode
•    changed default view from single page to continuous
•    SyncTex improvements (contributed by William Blum)
•    add option to not remember opened files
•    a new icon for documents association (contributed by George Georgiou)
•    lots of bugfixes and UI polish