Friday, November 27, 2009

Test Your MooTools Code Online With MooShell - Your Work BecomesSimpler !

If you want to test your MooTools code, you can choose MooSheel. It is a web based utility that lets you test your MooTools code. At the same time, you can write, test and run your HTML, CSS and JavaScript Code. In this tool you can save your code for further usage and to share with others via a unique URL. It is able to provide an update option to create a new version of your existing code. If you want to choose the MooTools version, you can use the settings panel from the sidebar. It is an official project, you have to use boxes on the right to edit the code and then hit Run to see the results.

If you want to save a new shell, Choose Save New. It is available handy for the programmers and developers to quickly test and debug code snippets before implementing them. Despite, it is light weight and available free for you. Meanwhile it doesn’t require any installation or any other supporting software.