Monday, November 16, 2009

Today IBM Launches Private Business Analytics Cloud !

Today IBM is expected to launch Blue Insight that is a massive business analytics cloud with the ability to hold more than a petabyte of data. It is an internal cloud computing environment that will become the basis for future external services. Moreover, the efforts from IBM can give 200,000 employees access to key corporate data around the world. At the same time, Blue Insight is able to suck data from 100 different data stores and warehouses. Then the data will be dished out to salespeople and developers.

According to the sources from IBM, the Blue Insight is a showcase of the "eat your own dog food" mantra. Cognos, IBM's business intelligence software, and hardware systems like System Z and the company's mainframe are used to build the system.
About this IBM says, they will add structured and unstructured data to Blue Insight and some of this data will include revenue forecasts and sales quotas, product breakdowns, queries from real-time data and inventory levels and defects.