Friday, November 6, 2009

Update Of Quirk SearchStatus v1.31 !

As you know SearchStatus is a toolbar extension for Mozilla Firefox that lets you see how sites perform and especially designed for specialized needs of search engine marketers. Moreover, this toolbar gives extensive search related information about a site and conveniently displays in one discreet and compact format. Now this extension is updated to v1.31 version with a lot of new features.

New Features Include:
•    Better bar and tooltip state indication (private, unrankable etc.)
•    Show other domains on this IP (right-click 'q')
•    New Domain mozRank (right-click mozRank bar)
•    Rankings for https URLs (disabled by default in Privacy Options)
•    Refresh a ranking with left-click on bar
•    Show Alexa search keywords (right-click Alexa bar)
•    Option to hide canonical button in URL bar