Monday, November 23, 2009

Use System Tray Cleaner And Keep Your System Active !

If you are searching for a perfect tool to clean your system tray, don’t feel hesitant, just go with System Tray Cleaner. It is an online tool that is able to remove all of the unwanted icons from your system tray. Moreover, it shows you the description for each icon and identifies the program that displays the icon and gives you the option to uninstall the program or simply to remove it from your startup.
In addition, it has more benefits and features than other utilities as it takes a different and better approach to the problem of system tray clutter. At the same time, the tool lets you remove the icons as quick as possible and extracts the related information from Wikipedia about the icons.

Some important features of the System Tray Cleaner:
•     get rid of the clutter in your system tray
•    quickly identify what each system tray icon does
•    speed up your computer's start time
•    easily remove programs from your startup
•    don't start unnecessary programs
•    speed up your computer by freeing your memory and CPU
•    100% FREE tool!
Every system user should have this tool, as it shows you what each icon means.