Friday, December 4, 2009

Easy Way To Download Picasa Web Albums - Picas Downloader !

Now you can get the online photo hosting capabilities from Google Picasa in the form of Picas Web Albums. Therefore, Picasa users can upload their photos from their local computer systems to the photo hosting servers that can be shared with friends, family and everyone just by setting the viewing rights to the public.
But if you want to download the photos manually from the Picasa, it takes a long time. In such cases, you can use the Picasa Downloader to download the albums so quick. Moreover, the program is able to display all public photo albums of a Picasa user in its interface with the option to download individual albums with all containing photos to the local hard drive. Before you install the software, you should install Framework.
Project Description

This application lets you download multiple Picasa webalbums of a selected picasa users with only a few clicks and without Picasa being installed.

*Enter the Picasa Username,
*Hit the List button,
*Select albums to download,
*Hit Download,
*Take some Coffee!