Thursday, December 17, 2009

Free Download Of Portable FLV To MP3 Converter !

If you are fed up of using converters and you are in search for something different, this is the right solution for you. Using this tool, you can convert your FLV file to an MP3 file. You can say that what is special! Yes, it is correct, because it is available in Portable format. This portable FLV to MP3 converter doesn’t need an installation and it can convert your any FLV file to an MP3 file audio format. The final MP3 file will be directly generated from the FLV file without any re-encoding.

How to use ?
•    As usual, first download the portable FLV to MP3 converter tool.
•    Then unzip the downloaded file.
•    Now double click the FLV to MP3 icon in order to launch the program.
•    Now you can “Select FLV Files” button to select and load the files.
•    If you want to choose an output folder, you can select it and click on Go for the conversion.