Friday, December 4, 2009

Google Chrome Bundles With Avast !

Unexpected combination of Avast and Google Chrome will be the next rocking combo of the software world. The major advantage of the combo is, when user run the Avast installer on a computer that has neither Chrome nor Avast, the user will be offered a chance to install Chrome simultaneously. So far, this is the first rocking bundle from the Avast side.
The Chrome option in the Avast installer does two things differently from the more familiar opt-out user experience that many programs provide in an installer in exchange for financial sponsorship. The Chrome window will be installed, only if you didn’t already install it.

During the process, you will have unchecked "yes, install" nor the "no, don't install" radio buttons by default. If you don’t want to install, check “No” and check “Yes” if you want to install.
This combo is more beneficial for Avast than for Chrome, as it has to double the users than Google Chrome.