Monday, December 21, 2009

How To Change The Color Of A Folder In Windows 7 ? Windows 7 Tips !

Most of the times, you may have found the troubles in finding a particular folder in Windows Operating Systems. Now you can put an end for this issue by just changing the colors or the icons of the folder. Therefore, you can easily find your favorite folder. In earlier version, there this option is missing.
The following steps will be useful for you to change the icons of the folder,
• Right click on the particular folder.
• Then go to Properties.
• And then go to Customize
• Now choose Change Icon
At the same time, you can have another option; the following option will be useful for you to change the colors of the folder,

You can use a nice utility called Rainbow Folders, in order to change the color of the folders right from the context menu.
As this is a versatile program, you can use this in so many ways, for example, you can change all of your favorite folders to your favorite colors in order to differentiate them. At the same time, it is possible to change the color as you like, because it is offering you hue option to create an unlimited colors.