Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How To Fix Laptop Bluetooth Driver Problem ? Bluetooth DriverInstaller !

Do you feel any difficulty to locate the Bluetooth drivers for your laptop or to send and receive files with the existing Bluetooth on your laptop? Make use of this article. There is a free utility available for you to solve this problem just by installing the generic Microsoft driver for your Bluetooth adapter which is compatible to your Bluetooth adapter of your laptop.
For your Bluetooth adapter, the driver installer will try to install the generic Microsoft driver. This program works based on a widely known method that is “Patching”. It will patch %WinDir%\inf\bth.inf file if you will try this program.

At the same time, before making any changes to your system, the program is able to automatically create a restore point. Therefore, if you feel that something goes wrong, restore all changes that you made to your computer.
Using Method :
•    First you have to uninstall the existing Bluetooth stack.
•    Now reboot your computer and choose “Cancel” when you are prompted for the driver.
•    Now run Bluetooth Driver Installer.exe and follow the instruction of the wizards.
•    This is smart enough to install the drivers.