Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How To Repair A Corrupted MP3 File ? Use MP3val !

If you want to check the integrity of an MPEG audio file, don’t hesitate just go with MP3Val. It is a small, high speed tool and available for free. You can find the corrupted files using this tool such as incomplete download, truncated, containing garbage etc. Moreover, this tool is able to fix most of the problems. It is compatible with Windows and Linux.
This tool MP3val is able to support other MPEG versions and layers including the most common MPEG audio file types. An application with command line interface is the core component of this tool. At the same time, it features two graphical frontends for it. They are MP3val-frontend and MP3valgui. First is a native Windows application while the second one is multi-platform Python script written by an independent developer.

We have given in detail to use this tool:
•    First download MP3val repair tool.
•    Unzip and double click on the downloaded file to launch the program.
•    Now go to file, if you want to add files or folder with multiple files.
•    Now go to menu option and choose Action and then go to Scan to start scanning.
•    Now you can view the status under status column.
•    Now right click on MP3 files which are marked as problem.
•    And then click “Repair Selected Files”
•    That’s it.