Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How To Share Web Pages And My Location In Google Toolbar ?

Now you can share web pages using social networking sites, mail services, bookmarking services using Google Toolbar 6.4 for IE and Firefox. In addition, you can select your favorite services from your settings page. You can bring it up to the top of the menu, just by keep clicking on one of the options.
Moreover, you can notice a new URL shortening service goo.gl, if you share links using Twitter. It is a service that takes long URLs and shortens them into a few characters in order to make sharing easier. At the same time, the core Goals of this service are stable, secured and speed. Unfortunately, this service is only being used by Google Toolbar and FeedBurner.

Another new Google Toolbar feature is W3C’s geolocation API that lets web pages access detailed information about the location of their visitors. WiFi access points are used to determine the approximate location. But, the accuracy and coverage will be varied by location. Now Google Maps uses geolocation, you can visit Google Maps and click on the My Location button above the zoom slider. Moreover, you can click Share my location if you like to give your permission for Google Maps to use your location.