Thursday, December 24, 2009

Important Windows 7 Shortcut Keys ! Shortcut Keys Booklet !

As Windows 7 is rocking around the world, we should learn something about that. In such a way, we have given a few shortcut keys for user convenience that may help you in critical situation, when your mouse is not working or if you want to finish your work quicker.



Win+DownRestore / Minimize

Win+LeftSnap to left

Win+RightSnap to right

Win+Shift+LeftJump to left monitor

Win+Shift+RightJump to right monitor

Win+HomeMinimize / Restore all other windows

Win+TFocus the first taskbar entry
Pressing again will cycle through them,

you can can arrow around.
Win+Shift+T cycles backwards.

Win+SpacePeek at the desktop

Win+GBring gadgets to the top of the Z-order

Win+PExternal display options

(mirror, extend desktop, etc)

Win+XMobility Center

(same as Vista, but still handy!)

(# = a number key)
Launches a new instance

of the application in the Nth slot on the taskbar.
Example: Win+1 launches first pinned app,

Win+2 launches second, etc.

Win + +
Win + -
(plus or minus key)
Zoom in or out.
Alt+PShow/hide Preview Pane

Shift + Click on iconOpen a new instance

Middle click on iconOpen a new instance

Ctrl + Shift + Click on iconOpen a new instance

with Admin privileges

Shift + Right-click on iconShow window menu

(Restore / Minimize / Move / etc)
Note: Normally you can just

right-click on the window thumbnail

to get this menu

Shift + Right-click on grouped iconMenu with Restore

All / Minimize All / Close All, etc.

Ctrl + Click on grouped iconCycle between the windows

(or tabs) in the group

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