Friday, December 4, 2009

Make Your Fingers Stress Free With My Words Firefox Addon !

If you are fed up of typing same words again and again in your forum messages, blogs, contents and comments, this is a new method that lets your fingers free. The name of the extension is MyWords that is a handy extension especially designed for those who need to type the same words often. Therefore, you can save your time by making your favorite words and phrases always available with a few clicks.

•  Save any number of your favorite words and phrases, use xml import and export functionality to transfer your word database between computers.
•  Select the phrase you just typed and use right mouse click to access 'MyWords' menu and add it ('+') to your favorite words database.
•  Right mouse click in any text input area and select one of your saved words to paste at current cursor position.
•  Use shortcut (default Alt+W, can be changed by using setup screen) to either:
•  at a start of a input line: paste the last favorite phrase you have just used
•  or, after you typed first few letters, autocomplete your phrase with one best fitting from your saved phrases database