Monday, December 7, 2009

Make Your Site Webchat Application - Visitrs !

This is a new type web chat application comes for Firefox. The name of the addon is Visitrs that is an easily pluggible application. It is easy to upgrade your website to a live online community, just by adding a few lines of code to your template.

Some important features of Visitrs :

•    You can make your site as an online shopping site, where visitors can ask information and suggestion about products to others, or directly to site's owner
•    Features MMO games, where chat infrastructure is not implemented or not sufficient to enable clan members directly chat each other and build strategies
•    It features Hobby sites, where visitors can share information or content from the website with others
•    It is a community based content oriented sites/Forums where Visitrs can be used as a talkback room for submitted contents

Moreover, you don’t need to install Visitrs. Therefore, all you should have is a web browser. When you install this Visitrs, you don’t need membership; therefore others can add it to their websites to chat.