Friday, December 11, 2009

Mint Sputnik Projector - Futuristic Digital Projector For Your DigitalLifestyle !

This new futuristic concept projector features four outer antennae to ensure an enhanced in-house digital lifestyle. The name of the concept is Mint Sputnik that looks in a sphere shape. It has rotating projector lamp that is located at the center of the Mint Sputnik and two stereo speakers with covers. It features, a remote controller, named Space Center to give you the convenient control to the projector.

As it has been designed like a satellite, the remote controller takes the shape of a ground operating center with 4 dial-type knobs, 5 toggle switches, a dish antenna and a black and white monitor where information will be displayed. You can have an SD Card slot and USB port to stream medial files from the card.
Finally, the name of the designer is Mintpass.