Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Google Web Toolkit Features Faster Experience !

Yesterday, Google Web Toolkit was released at a Google Campfire One, in order to bring two main things for the developers. They are,

* Make it easier to build faster apps
* Speed up the overall development cycle

As this is an accumulation of the year, you can say that this is the very exciting release to evolve GWT to meet the needs of today’s web applications. In this, you can have a lot of improvements and features, but here we have given a few which are more excited.

Faster Apps :
It has new tool called Speed Tracer that is a performance profiler for Google Chrome to let developers find out the current situation of the way which was impossible before. Moreover, Google has worked closely with the Webkit community in order to add instrumentation in the browser to enable developers to gain deep insights into how code behaves and uncovering problems that are hidden.

Developer Guided Code Splitting :
It allows you to split up the applications much faster startup times. Therefore, if you have a setting page and users go the page once in a week, you don’t need to download the javaScript when the application starts up.

Declarative UI with UiBinder :
It is a new declarative UI framework comes in Google Web Toolkit that enables iteration and a clean separation faster between presentation layer and application logic.