Friday, December 4, 2009

Screen Clock - The Best Analog Clock For Your PCs !

Screen Clock is new software that brings you an economical and attractive collection of clocks that suit your home and office PC.
Therefore, you can kick out your regular Windows tray clock and replace it with your favorite analog clock. It not only shows you the time in the regular format, but also it features more for you. You can customize the clock as per the user choice and preferences. It occupies very less memory space, supports adjusted level of transparency and is compatible with Windows XP and VISTA platforms.

Some important features of this software:
•    Screen Clock this convenience and increase of speed in work.
•    Screen Clock allow to receive easily and simply the information on local time of your computer.
•    Analog clock which can be placed in any convenient place of the computer screen.
•    Analog clock of the screen are convenient for work on the Internet and with various documents.
•    The sizes of clock can be changed in a wide range, the smallest size 70 pixel, the biggest 200 pixel.
•    To the taste it is possible to adjust color of a dial of clock, the sizes and color of figures, the form and color of arrows.
•    Original clock of a desktop of a computer.