Thursday, December 10, 2009

Seagate Releases First Enterprise Solid State Drive (SSD) - Pulsar !

Pulsar, it is the new name in the market comes from Seagate. It is nothing but Solid State Drive (SSD) and you can say it is the first product in its new enterprise solid state drive family.
It has been especially designed for enterprise blade and general server applications. Single Level Cell (SLC) technology is being used in this Pulsar Drive that delivers up to 200GB capacity. However, it is built in a 2.5-Inch small form factor with a SATA interface. This pulsar drive is capable to deliver the necessary performance, reliability and endurance in order to match the applications environments of enterprise blade and general servers.

Even more, it gives you a peak reading speed at 30,000 IOPS and writing speed at 25,000 IOPS. The sequential reading and writing speed of the drive is 240MB/s and 200 MB/s respectively. The drive has an SLC based design optimizing reliability in order to bring a 44% AFR rating with a 5-year limited warranty. It has already begun the shipping on September 2009. So don’t feel hesitant to buy.