Sunday, December 6, 2009

Share Your Holiday Wishlist With Mobile Hotmail And Messenger!

Your online life, at a glance: whether you're traveling or just out on the town, you can access all of your favorite Windows Live services right on your phone, just like you would on your PC. So no matter what phone you have, you can easily keep in touch. Therefore, you can stay connected this season with quick access to Hotmail, Messenger and more. It is easy to with Windows Live on your phone.

E-mail for people on the move -
•    Log in quickly and easily
•    Read, compose, and send e-mail on your phone as you do on your PC
•    Type a couple of letters and Address Auto Complete gives you a contact list you choose from with a click
•    Enjoy a format specially designed to fit a mobile phone's screen so you can see more your messages without too much scrolling
•    And the best part? It's FREE from Microsoft! ¹

Stay up to date when you're away from your PC -
•    Check your friends' profile pages to see what they're up to
•    Get on-the-go access to e-mail addresses, status messages, and more
•    See what everyone's up to with the what's new feed
Put your best face forward.
•    Manage your profile from your mobile phone
•    Search for new friends, or add people who've found you
Not cool to talk? Chat instead -
•    Log in quickly and easily
•    Enjoy a similar IM experience you have at home or in the office
•    Use it in meetings, on the bus, in the library – when you can't (or don't want to) talk out loud
•    Keep all your contacts in one place so you can find them and add new ones easily
•    Know who's online, who's offline, and who's on mobile
•    Use emoticons like you do on your PC

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