Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Telify Firefox Addon Lets You Recognize Phone Numbers !

Telify is a new addon designed for Firefox in order to recognize phone numbers on web pages and to convert them as clickable links. In addition, you can select any text and handle as a phone number comprising vanity number conversion. During the conversion, the country code can be selected or changed in a GUI dialog and the phone number will be passed to the registered system protocol handler. The link scheme will be chosen from four possible schemes.

• the generic tel scheme (see rfc2806) used by CTI applications and some SIP clients
• the callto scheme used by Netmeeting
• the skype scheme used by Skype
• the sip scheme used by SIP-Clients (e.g. XLite)

Moreover, the custom URL for CTI applications can be defined. For example, the http interface of snom phones.