Monday, December 21, 2009

What Makes Avatar Difference? 3D Technology!

Everyone knows the sharpened side of Avatar film that is made to whet consumer’s appetites for home 3D. This film is about transforming a lot of skeptics into 3D believers says Pioneer executive Andy Parsons, the chairman of the Blu-ray Disk Association.
Blu-ray is a content driven business, but most of the studios now putting huge resources and creative energy into 3D for the theaters. However, there is a doubt about the film, what impacts will the sci-fi epic have on 3D on entertainment in the home. The film costs north of $300 million to make, uses state-of-the-art 3D filmmaking techniques to create a visually stunning alien world. The spectacle of the film is the selling point here to bet that Hollywood will churn out similar fare to capitalize on the 3D craze.

Moreover, we can’t say 3D is gimmick today, we can get a complete different style and experience of narrating a story. In a review, there is a comment that when the picture is ended, audience feel like did they really visit the location of the film instead of watching it from a distance. This one proves the reality and execution of 3D. However, we have to welcome the new talents and ideas that cross the technology.