Friday, January 29, 2010

Automatic Windows 7 troubleshooting features Windows TroubleshootingAnd Action Center

If you’ve any problems like not able to print and Internet is not working, there is an option available in Windows 7 called Windows Troubleshooting. It is able to pinpoint and fix the issues automatically in order to make you stress free of the issues. This option is available in Control Panel and it’s equipped with more than a dozen troubleshooters for problems with Networking, Internet, Audio and Video and Program Compatibility. Although the Windows Troubleshooting isn’t designed to solve every issue yet, it is able to save your precious time.
Moreover, from this feature you can have basic scheduled maintenance like cleaning up temporary files or scanning the Hard Drive for the errors and it will let you know the suspicious files from Action Center.

This Action Center lets you choose which Windows 7 alerts you should see and which you shouldn’t. Moreover, Action Center comprises message traffic from key Windows Maintenance and security features including Windows Defender and User Account Control. You can see the Action Center in the Taskbar, if the Windows requires your attention. You can click on it and see the alerts and suggested fix for any problems. Therefore, it is able to fine-tune the choices in Control Panel. However, you can try your own troubleshooting steps, if you’re not confident about this. As per the suggestion by Microsoft, using these features you can easily fix the troubles.
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