Sunday, January 10, 2010

Do You Want To Manage AppLocker In Windows 7? Use Windows PowerShell!

If you want to manage AppLocker in Windows 7 Operating System, use Windows PowerShell. It is one of the finest solutions for you.
We have given you a few tips about PowerShell here. The following are a few cmdlets used to create scripts that examine, create and manage AppLocker.
It has Get-AppLockerFileInformation that examines an executable or script and it is able to return the information. AppLocker is used to determine whether the application runs comprising the file hash, file path and publisher for signed files.
Get-AppLockerPolicy is examining either the effective AppLocker policy or the AppLocker policy from a GPO.

New-AppLockerPolicy is used to create a new AppLocker policy.
Set-AppLockerPolicy is used to create an AppLocker policy, you can use this cmdlet to define it for a GPO.
Test-AppLockerPolicy is used to determine whether the specified files will be allowed to run for a specific user and AppLocker policy.
If you still want to know more about the PowerShell, open a Windows PowerShell prompt and run the command help.