Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Free Download Trouts Portable GIF Compressor

GIF is one of the well-known image formats especially used for animated images. As it brings animation and dynamic effect in its view, the file size will be large. Still if you want to use this image, you can reduce the size of the image and use it. For this purpose, there is a new tool available called Trout’s GIF Optimizer. It is available free as a portable for quick GIF image optimization and compression.

How to Use The GIF Trout’s GIF Optimizer?
•    First, download Trout’s GIF Optimizer tool from the link.
Now, unzip the downloaded file and double click on it to launch the GIF Optimizer.
•    Now, all you have to do is, drag GIF images to the application window or go to the File menu and choose Open to load the GIF image in the application.
•    Now, the optimizer will automatically optimize the chosen GIF image. At the same time, you can preview the original and optimized GIF images within the application.

So, don’t waste time, visit and download the Trout’s GIF Optimizer free.