Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How To Configure A User Account To Log On Automatically On Windows 7?

Definitely, you may know the importance of entering credentials when a user is logging in computer and it is an important portion of Windows Security. Consider a user is logging in computer automatically, then anyone who has physical access to the computer can restart the system and access the automatic user’s files. At the same time, there are some scenarios where it is possible to keep the system secure, safe and the automatic log in is desired. If you want to have this fun, follow the following steps to log in automatically. Remember it is not possible to log in automatically for a domain member.

•    Go to Start Menu and then type netplwiz.
•    Now, press the Enter key.
•    Then in the User Accounts dialog box, click on the account you want to log on automatically. Alternatively, clear the “Users Must Enter A User Name And Password To Use This Computer check box”.
•    Now, click on Ok.
•    After that, in the automatically Log On dialog box, you should enter the password of the user twice in order to log on automatically.
•    Now, click on Ok.
If you restart the computer now, the system will automatically log on with the local user account that we selected.