Thursday, January 21, 2010

How To Create The DVD Or Recordable CD Using Windows Movie Maker

Have you ever met with an error “Cannot Create the DVD. An error occurred when burning a DVD or Recordable CD using Windows Movie Maker” and you don’t know the reason of this error,
1.    There may be a fast User Switching before attempting creating the DVD or Recordable CD.
2.    Second, the user may not have Administrator rights.
Okay, let’s see the procedure that provided steps to create a DVD or a Recordable CD. Remember, the steps given below suit Windows Vista Operating System and there will be a slight different for Windows 7 Operating System and Windows XP Operating System.

The following procedure provides a process to create a DVD or Recordable CD.
1.    Click Start menu and go to All Programs, then choose Windows Movie Maker.
2.    In the Windows Movie Maker window under Tasks in the Import Box, then click to select how the media will be imported.
3.    If you finish importing the media, click to drag the file to the Storyboard.
4.    Then click on File, and then click to Save Project.
5.    After that, in the Save Project As Windows, in the File name box type the name of the file then click Save.
6.    Then in the Publish to box, click to select whether the media will be a DVD or Recordable CD.
7.    Then in the Windows Movie Maker window, click on OK.
8.    After that, click on Choose Photos and Videos button in the Windows DVD Maker window,
9.    Now, Add pictures and Video to the DVD Screen.
10.    You can have the choice to Add items or Remove items in the edit file.
11.    After selecting any of the above, click the Next button.
12.    At last, click the Burn Button under the Ready to burn disc in the Windows DVD Maker Windows. Then you can follow the instructions available on screen. , ,