Friday, January 29, 2010

How to create a VPN connection in Windows Operating Systems

If you are looking for an article in order to configure a VPN connection from a Client Computer, this article will be finest solution for you. All you have do is, just follow the instructions given below.
1.    First, you have to ensure the Internet Connection in the XP Computer is correctly configured.
2.    Then go to Start and then choose Control Panel. Instead, press Windows Key + R Key simultaneously and then type Control Panel in the Run command. This opens the Control Panel Window in the Computer.
3.    Then click on the Create a new connection.
4.    Thereafter, click on Next in the Network Connection.
5.    Then click on the Connect to the Network at my workplace and then click on Next.
6.    If you’re using a dial-up connection click “Automatically Dial This Initial Connection” and then click on your Dial-up Internet Connection from the list.

7.    Whereas, if you’re using a full-time connection like cable modem, click on Don’t dial the Initial Connection.
8.    Then click on Next.
9.    Now, you have to type a descriptive name for the connection and then click on Next.
10.    Then type the Host Name or the IP (Internet Protocol) address of the Computer that you want to connect to.
11.    Then click on Next.
12.    If you want the connection to be available for anyone, click Anyone’s use or click on My use only, if you want the connection only for you.
13.    Then click on the Next tab.
14.    If you want the connection to be available on the Desktop, click on Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop check box and then click on Finish.
15.    Click on No, if you are prompted to connect.
16.    Right click on the New Connection from the Network Connection and choose Properties to configure more options for the connections you’ve created.
17.    If you are connecting to a domain, click on the Options tab and then click to select the Include Windows logon domain check box to specify whether to request Windows logon domain information before you try to connect.
18.    You can click the Options tab and check the options Redial if line is dropped, if you want the Computer to redial the connection.
That’s it. Now, you’ve successfully created the VPN Connection from a client Computer. Follow the steps to make use of the connection.

1.    Click on the Start menu and choose Connect To and then click the New Connection or you can double click on the Shortcut icon on the Desktop of the Computer.
2.    If the connection is successfully connected, the VPN server will prompt you for the User Name and Password.
3.    Therefore, you’ve to type the User Name and Password and then click on Connect.
4.    If you want to disconnect from the VPN, right click the icon for the Connection and then click on Disconnect.

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