Thursday, January 28, 2010

How to delete the Recovery Console from the Computer

Definitely, you may know the important of the Recovery Console, if you still want to delete it follow the following steps. Whenever, your Operating System corrupts, you have to use and install the Windows Recovery Console. However, Microsoft recommends this method of system recovery for advanced users only.

1.    Firs, restart the Computer, go to Start, choose My Computer and then choose Hard Disk where you installed the Recovery Console.
2.    Then on the Tools menu, click on Folder Options and then choose View tab.
3.    Now, click on Show Hidden files and folders.
4.    Then uncheck the Hide Protected Operating System Files and then click on OK.
5.    Now, at the root folder, delete the Cmdcons folder and cmldr file.
6.    Thereafter, right click on the boot.ini file and then choose Properties.
7.    Now, uncheck the Read-only check box.
8.    Then click on OK.
9.    Before doing all the above steps, you should remember editing Boot.ini files incorrectly might prevent the Computer from restating. Therefore, ensure that you delete only the Recovery Console files. Once you finish the procedure, change the attribute for the Boot.ini file back to the read-only state. The Boot.ini file will look like as follows.
C:\cmdcons\bootsect.dat="Microsoft Windows Recovery Console" /cmdcons
Methods to install Recovery Console during an unattended installation
You should use the [GuiRunOnce] section of the unattend.txt file in order to install the Recovery Console during the unattended installation of Windows. Command1="path\winnt32 /cmdcons /unattend"

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