Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How To Fix Cannot Create A DVD Error And An Error Occurred When Burning a DVD Or A Recordable CD Using Windows Movie Maker

Have you ever noticed the error “Cannot Create the DVD. An error occurred when burning a DVD or Recordable CD using Windows Movie Maker”? if you so, we have given the main cause of the error is listed below.
•    The Fast User Switching may be in use before you attempt to create the DVD or Recordable CD.
•    The user account you have logged in may not have the administrator rights.

The steps given below are used to create a DVD or Recordable CD.
1.    Click on Start Menu, choose All Programs and then choose Windows Movie Maker.
2.    Then in the Windows Movie Maker Window, under Tasks in the Import box, select how the media will be imported.
3.    You can drag the file to the Storyboard, after you import the media.
4.    After that, click File then choose Save Project.
5.    Now, you can type the name of the file then click Save, from the Save Project As window.
6.    In the Publish to box, click to select whether the media will be a DVD or Recordable CD.
7.    Then in the Publish to box, you have to make sure that media is a DVD or a Recordable CD.
8.    Click on OK button in the Windows Movie Maker window.
9.    Now, you have to click the Choose Photos and Videos button in the Windows DVD Maker window
10.    After that, in the Add pictures and video to the DVD screen you can have the choices to Add items or Remove items that are available to edit the file.
11.    Then, click the Next button.
12.    Click the Burn button and follow the on screen instructions after choosing Ready to burn disc.

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