Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How To Remove Accounts And Deny Local Access To Workstations On Windows7?

If you are a domain administrator, you can automatically access to local resources on workstations. However, other users are not able to access the local resources on the workstations other than to the computers in which they are allowed to log on. You can find the previous owners of workstations as they are moved around an organization.
Moreover, in a domain you will be able to control the workstations to which users can log on by using the account properties in Active Directory Users And Computers. Just double click the account in order to view the properties dialog box. Then on the Account tab, click the Log On To button. After that, in a homegroup or workgroup, it is possible to remove any user account effectively or you can deny logon. If you want to deny log on just follow the following steps.

•    First, you should log on with administrator privileges.
•    Then in Control Panel, under the User Account heading click Add or Remove User Accounts.
•    Now, you can view the Manage Account page.
•    Here, you can choose the account that you want to remove.
•    Now, click “Delete the Account”
•    If are sure to delete the account, you have a chance to save the contents of the user’s desktop. In addition, you can save the user’s document folders to a folder on his desktop.
•    If you want to save the documents and files of the particular user, click Keep Files. If you want to delete the files, click Delete Files option.
•    Now, you can confirm the deletion of the account by clicking Delete Account.

Only the thing that you have to remember is, if the particular user has rights to log in to a workstation in any other way, he will be able to gain access on workstation using a domain account.