Thursday, January 28, 2010

How to solve The local computer does not support encryption and error code 741

If you are getting an error message saying, "The local computer does not support encryption" with error code 741, when you’re trying to connect with a VPN connection, it may be a serious error. This error occurs when the encryption of your computer doesn’t match to the encryption of VPN Server. If you will change the encryption settings, the system can start working normally. Follow the steps to make your computer use the settings of 3DES.

1.    Go to Start button, choose Control Panel, choose Network and Internet and then choose Network and Sharing Center.
2.    Now, click on Connect to a Network.
3.    Then right click on the VPN Connection to choose Properties.
4.    Then in the Security Tab, choose Advanced (Custom Settings) and then choose Settings.
5.    Now, select the Maximum strength encryption (disconnect if server declines) under Data Encryption in the Advanced Security Settings dialog box.
6.    Then click on OK twice.
7.    Now, try connecting again by clicking on the Connect tab.