Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Matchbox Shape Storage Device Phillu

We know you may have seen matchbox, but you may not have seen Matchbox Shaped Mobile Storage Device. Now, you have an opportunity to see such a device. The name of the device is Phillu. It is an innovative mobile storage device comes in a shape of Matchbox and features the storage capacity of 45GB in order to carry all of your data. At the same time, not only the concept looks like a matchbox, but also the functionality looks like a matchbox. You can have nine removable sticks with a storage capacity 5GB each. If you want to transfer any data from the this device, you have to pick an available stick by pushing the case from the behind and put the head of the stick at the end of the striker and quickly strike the stick along the striker by adding pressure on it.

Moreover, the stick will become burned black at that time and will be ready to transfer data to another Phillu owner. All he has to do is to plug the device with his device without any need of the Computer between two Phillus. Burak KAYNAK and Emir Rifat are the designers of the concept.