Monday, January 11, 2010

RemShutdown Software Lets You Control The Computers In A Network!

There are already plenty of software available to Shutdown or restart the computers in a network remotely. In such a way, this is another software available to do the same process remotely. The name of the tool is RemShutdown. As its name suggests, you can shutdown and restart the computer remotely. It has been especially designed to control all the computers installed in your network remotely. All you have to do is, add the computers to the list and access them to restart and shutdown.
Moreover, using this tool you can set a time delay to shutdown or restart the system remotely. At the same time, this tool lets you close all the running applications on the remote computer at the time of shutdown. Therefore, you don’t have to afraid of saving documents or files. RemShutdown offers the user an option to cancel the Shutdown.

It is secured for password protection. It reboots after shutdown, displays the remote computer address and shows the shutdown delay.
This tool is compatible with Windows 2000 Operating System, Windows XP Operating System, Windows 2003 Server Operating System and Windows Vista Operating System.

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