Friday, February 5, 2010

AmazonAssist addon makes your work simpler than the simplest to surffor products in Amazon

If you want to surf the products from the Amazon, AmazonAssist will make your work simpler than the simplest. If you are searching for any products on the web, this AmazonAssist addon uses the keywords in order to find the matching products on and presents the products in the search. Moreover, this addon is very helpful for you to search the information and to deliver it to the web browser when you actually need it. The information comes with product details, ratings and the latest prices from anywhere on the web.

•    Very easy to use. Takes seconds to install.

•    Enhance your shopping experience. Discover Amazon products as you surf the web.

•    Use it exactly how you want it. You decide when it's on and when it's off.

•    Get more out of your Amazon Prime membership. Find Prime eligible items faster, smarter and easier.