Monday, February 15, 2010

Concept Vehicle works with magnetic field

Nicholas Holland Womeldorff has designed this new futuristic concept called Concept Vehicle. It perfectly matches and ensures the perfect personal urban commuting. This concept looks like a bike. The front wheel of the concept is the key driving component and it utilizes an intense magnetic field. When the giant loop passes through the front wheel, it produces the magnetic field. By the help of forward and backward movement, the magnetic field spins the wheel and rotates the axis when you steer.
Moreover, this concept is able to reduce the friction and makes it tremendous by using the magnetic field.

Although it holds more features, yet it is compact and holds an ergonomic shape. This shape offers a convenient personal commuting solution even on the busiest and crowded streets. Therefore, when you’re commuting and experiencing the new feature, you can’t control the entertainment and fun.